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Search Engine Optimization


People who have online business should know about SEO and how it works to increase the traffic of business online. We know that converting visitors into buyers is important, but what will we do if there are no visitors? SEO is abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is being used by many online businesses to […]

Make Money Online


The opportunity to make money online opens to all people from all backgrounds. We no longer need skills in programming and understand how to make website anymore. Today, we can find many Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, etc. that allows us to create website easily.



Today many people use computer and internet for many reasons. Many people use internet just for communication and for finding entertainment such as music, games films, song, etc. Many other people use computer and internet to earn money. They can open shop online or offer service online.

Becoming A Dot Com Billionaire


Who don’t want to be a billionaire? Everything is possible as long as your have strong wills, hard works, and clear goals. Strong wills. Can you imagine what would happen if Thomas Alva Edison decided to stop when he failed how to make lamp on. You shouldn’t give up easily when you fail, especially in […]

Publishing Your Web Site


When you’re ready to make your Web site available to the general public on the World Wide Web, you need to publish it to the Internet. Typically, publishing your Web to your Web hosting company’s Web server is an easy step. All that really needs to happen is that the HTML documents and any another […]

Creating Your Web Pages Part (4)


Creating Hyperlinks To create a hyperlink, you generally first select the text or image, and click the Hyperlink toolbar button. The Web-authoring tool will often display a dialog box like the FrontPage Create Hyperlink dialog box. To create the hyperlink, select the file to which you want to link or type the file’s address in […]

Creating Your Web Pages Part (3)


If you want to copy the text rather than move it, simply hold down the Ctrl key while you drag the text to its new (duplicate) location. Moving and copying text by dragging takes some getting used to at first—especially if you are sitting in an airplane and doing it on a laptop computer. But […]

Creating Your Web Pages Part (2)


Importing Text Despite the multimedia emphasis of the Web, text is still the heart of most good Web pages.  Besides being a clear and concise means of communicating to your visitors, text also downloads very quickly, can be indexed by search engines, and is usually easier to create than more visual forms of content. To […]

Creating Your Web Pages


The precise steps you take to create your Web pages depend on the Web creation or Web-authoring tool that you’ve selected. In general, you use a wizard to create a set of blank Web pages and then add the text and images that you’ve already collected.

Website: Creating New Digital Content Part (2)


Documents Documents are the other half of the new content equation, and, unfortunately, not every document that belongs on your site is going to already exist, or at least not in digital form. If you can’t find a digital version of content that you want for your site, retyping the document may become a necessity. […]

Website: Creating New Digital Content


Not all content for your Web site is going to be available in digital format. Some of it will exist in print form and yet more will need to be created from scratch. In general, the new content falls into two categories: images and documents.

Website: Collecting Existing Digital Content Part (2)


· E-mails can often be a rich source of content for a Web site, although you must use special care when using e-mail conversations. Special messages sent out to customers can be placed in a Web page for users who didn’t receive the e-mail, customer questions and answers can be integrated into a Frequently Asked […]

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