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Food Processing


Today, we can buy our needs of foods and drinks at the supermarket, minimarket, modern market, stores, and many more. We can easily buy our need at the same place. Then we can cook it as meal easily. How about the process of the foods that are provided for us in almost markets and stores?

Choosing Online Storage


Almost everybody wants to be the best. The students who want to be at the best in their class or even at their school will study hard to become the best. The position in top ten is dreamt by people. For saving the important and valuable belongings, some of us rent Save Deposit Box in […]

Secure Your Home Using RFID Reader


Today the technology always develops and develops. There are many inventions that help human being live easily and comfortable. The existence of the inventions is really useful for human beings. People who apply the useful inventions really smart people. Wealthy or rich people have big and luxurious house or apartment, condo etc. They have furnished […]

Tips on Having a SAFE House


A home is place to live, so people make their home as comfortable as possible to live. They furnished with home appliances and many kinds of things that make the house convenient. They decorate their home to give pleasant nuance. And they make their home safe for staying, too.

Some Inventions in Information Technology Field


Today the need of using and implementing the latest technology is bigger than before. All of them were begun with the computer era that helps people work in doing business. Computer can type much more efficient than typewriter. People can type more quickly than before, they can also delete data when they do mistake – […]

What Qualifies the Computer Forensics? (2)


The collection of digital evidence from a Microsoft Windows environment would be aided by the investigator’s knowledge of that environment. A wide assortment of certifications covers the multitude of Microsoft products.

What Qualifies the Computer Forensics?


What qualifies the computer forensics investigator? Computer forensics investigator licensing and certification is a topic that can be guaranteed to spark a lively discussion among today’s professionals.

Practitioners of Computer Forensics


Today’s pervasive use of computers, coupled with the various types of computer involvement in crimes, has caused an explosion in practitioners of computer forensics. Arrests of almost any type today can involve collection of digital evidence.

Phases of Computer Forensics (2)


Filtering This can also be referred to as the analysis phase of computer forensics. In this phase investigators will attempt to filter-out data which is determined not to contain any artifacts of evidentiary value and filter-in artifacts of potential evidentiary value.

Phases of Computer Forensics


The primary goals in computer forensics of collecting, preserving, filtering, and presenting digital artifacts can also be used as guidelines to describe the computer forensics process. We will structure these guidelines as phases of the computer forensics process.