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Which One is Better: Working in Consulting or Industry?


If you’re thinking you really aren’t cut out to be a consultant, or if you’re exploring other options, you might find this section helpful. We’ve tried to compare careers in consulting with their counterparts in industry. Although many graduates of top universities and graduate programs choose careers in the more glamorous consulting industry, most find […]

A Real Person’s Profile: A Technical Architect in IT Consulting Company Part (3)


A Day in the Life 5:30 a.m. Monday morning I’m heading to the Pittsburgh International Airport to catch my 7:30 a.m. flight to Chicago Midway. I eat my breakfast in the car, catch up on the news from NPR, and start planning for the week ahead.

A Real Person’s Profile: A Technical Architect in IT Consulting Company Part (2)


What are some of the non-technical skills consultants should have? Time management is key. You have to know how to structure your own workweek and how to structure your tasks. You have to be able to make time for yourself and your work.

A Real Person’s Profile: A Technical Architect in IT Consulting Company


Years in consulting: Two Eductaion: BA in information systems, Carnegie Mellon; MISM (Master’s of Information Systems Management), Carnegie Mellon Size of company: 500 consultants Hours per week: 45–55 Annual Salary: $100,000–120,000 What brought you to IT consulting? I had worked in tech companies and had started my own company. I was attracted to consulting because […]

Key Jobs (Positions) in IT Consulting Part (6)


Vice President/Officer/Principal Having mastered the analytics and the peoplemanagement components of the job, consultants at this level are expected to be adept relationshipbuilders within the firm and with clients. At this stage, consultants spend more time overseeing the overall quality of the services provided to the client and less time onsite with the rest of […]

Key Jobs (Positions) in IT Consulting Part (5)


Manager/Engagement Manager/ Project Leader/Associate Principal After a few years, a senior consultant will move up to manager or an equivalent role with a different title. Regardless of the firm-specific nomenclature, the next rung on the ladder usually involves leading a team of consultants and analysts toward project completion, managing day-to-day project activities, providing thought leadership, […]

Key Jobs (Positions) in IT Consulting Part (4)


Technology Architecs/Technology Consultants Technology architects are usually people who have advanced engineering degrees, at least five years of experience in the IT industry or tech consulting, and some experience in business (project management is a common background).

Key Jobs (Positions) in IT Consulting Part (3)


Associate/Consultant/Senior Consultant Within strategy firms, this is the typical port of entry for newly minted MBAs and increasingly for non-MBA graduate students. Senior consultants often perform research and analysis, formulate recommendations, and present findings to the client. Oh, and at many firms they have to implement those great ideas too.

Key Jobs (Positions) in IT Consulting Part (2)


Analyst/Business Analyst/Systems Analyst/Programmer Analyst/Research Associate/Staff Consultant/Associate Consultant This is the position at the bottom of the professional pyramid. The vast bulk of analysts are young, talented, hungry, relatively recent college graduates. Many strategy consulting firms structure this position to last for two to three years, after which the analyst is expected to move on—perhaps to […]

Key Jobs (Positions) in IT Consulting


Just as each firm has its favorite buzzwords, it also has unique terminology for its rank and file. Although the titles might vary from firm to firm, the roles can basically be divided as follows: analyst (also called research associate or staff consultant at some firms), consultant (or senior consultant), manager, and partner or VP.

IT Consulting Engagements: Project Cycle


A typical consulting engagement can last from one month to several years. Industry insiders say the typical length of a consulting project has fallen from 6 to 18 months in the 1990s to as little as a month or two currently. This trend makes sense given that organizations have less money to spend on big […]

IT Consulting Engagements


IT consulting engagements come in two primary flavors. Th e fi rst involves a client with specific problems that improved IT might be able to resolve. Th e client might pose questions such as: “We’ve acquired fi ve companies that all use technology. Can you design a system to streamline our IT?”; “Check out our […]

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