Choosing Online Storage


Almost everybody wants to be the best. The students who want to be at the best in their class or even at their school will study hard to become the best. The position in top ten is dreamt by people. For saving the important and valuable belongings, some of us rent Save Deposit Box in […]

How to I Choose My Website Hosting


As you all know, hosting plays an important part in every single site. There is no website that is accessible without using a hosting service. The problem is, only few website hosting service that deliver a good service while the rest just give you ‘promise’. In this article I want to share with you my […]

Website: Creating New Digital Content Part (2)


Documents Documents are the other half of the new content equation, and, unfortunately, not every document that belongs on your site is going to already exist, or at least not in digital form. If you can’t find a digital version of content that you want for your site, retyping the document may become a necessity. […]

Website: Creating New Digital Content


Not all content for your Web site is going to be available in digital format. Some of it will exist in print form and yet more will need to be created from scratch. In general, the new content falls into two categories: images and documents.

Website: Collecting Existing Digital Content Part (2)


· E-mails can often be a rich source of content for a Web site, although you must use special care when using e-mail conversations. Special messages sent out to customers can be placed in a Web page for users who didn’t receive the e-mail, customer questions and answers can be integrated into a Frequently Asked […]

Five Star Hotel Entertainment: Audience Response Systems


Businesses tend to use audience response systems for their training conferences or at conventions where key players in the industry come together to discuss ideas and business models. However, the hotel industry could benefit hugely by bringing event technology to their guests for use in entertainment.

Website: Collecting Existing Digital Content


(This tool might be FrontPage, for example.) Just about any kind of digital content you have can be adapted for use on the Web: · Word processor documents (.doc, .txt, .wpf ) such as project reports, manuals, company objectives, newsletters, and notices to customers created with a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, AppleWorks, […]

Website: Collecting and Creating Digital Content


Once you pick a domain name and sign up for Web hosting, you’re ready to collect and create your digital content. In any business or organization already using computers, this work is easier than you might suspect.

Business laptops – what should I look for?


A problem that used to occur for many business minded individuals is how their work would have to stop when the office closed. Without access to their computer, which in days gone by would be stationary and left on their work premises, not much could ultimately be done.  This meant that any flexible solutions or […]

Where to Find a Web Hosting Company Part (2)


DN Resources The DN Resources site at has a special Hosting section that lists sites that provide a list of Web hosting companies. It’s a little confusing, since each site shows a different list of Web hosting companies. Once you sort it out, however, it can be a good place to come up with […]

Where to Find a Web Hosting Company


With the thousands of Web hosting companies that you can choose from, narrowing your list of candidates to a reasonable number can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Several useful resources exist, however, to point you in the right direction.

How Web Hosting Can Affect Your Online Business


Do you know the most important part you should consider before you leave your website run automatically? It is web hosting! How so? Read our (me and my friend) experience below, I’m sure you will understand easily: My friend, Greg and I are both internet marketer. Both of us run an online business with a […]

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