Make Money Online


The opportunity to make money online opens to all people from all backgrounds. We no longer need skills in programming and understand how to make website anymore. Today, we can find many Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, etc. that allows us to create website easily.

An Option to Store Your Data Online


Nowadays, people often get confused when they lose their important data which is being saved in their own computer. This condition is usually caused by device’s errors, viruses, or broken hardware. Some prevention steps have been done in order to reduce the possibility of losing important data, such as save the data in several storages. […]

Technology & Easier Life


It is common that people get up in the morning then do their daily activities. Then they take a shower to clean and fresh their body. They have breakfast and then go to work. Working all day until in the evening and go home again. Do you realize that our today’s life is much more […]

Blog Network Is Dead, Oh Really?


Month ago I heard a rumor that Google ‘kill’ most of blog network available out there. Most people believe that they can no longer use the power of blog network. For those people I always ask, oh really?

Setting up a California Business Plan


Starting a technology related business is often an exhausting but stimulating process. There are several important factors to consider, like where in California your organization should be located, how much cash flow you will need to run, what threats changing technology might represent in the short, medium and long-term, and how much business and California […]



Today many people use computer and internet for many reasons. Many people use internet just for communication and for finding entertainment such as music, games films, song, etc. Many other people use computer and internet to earn money. They can open shop online or offer service online.

Watch Out! Google Panda is in Attack Mode!


Dear fellow SEOers, if you haven’t notice about what happen lately in search engine world, let me tell you a bad news. Last month, March 19, Google started to deindex lots of blog that is indicated as a spam.

Have You Ever Stood Up in Hosting Queue line?


Wew! That was the only word that came out of my mouth last night. I was shocked that I have to stand up in hosting queue line. Yeah hosting queue line, sounds weird right? But it is true. I wanted to complain about my other hosting (not the hosting for this blog, this one is […]

My Ways to Find Best Online Storage Provider


Finding a best online storage provider that suit with your need is very difficult to do because today there is hundreds of online storage providers exist. The worst part is every single provider labeled themselves as the best according to a certain magazine or organization. Well, don’t get confuse. Life is too short to be […]

Becoming A Dot Com Billionaire


Who don’t want to be a billionaire? Everything is possible as long as your have strong wills, hard works, and clear goals. Strong wills. Can you imagine what would happen if Thomas Alva Edison decided to stop when he failed how to make lamp on. You shouldn’t give up easily when you fail, especially in […]

Have You Measured The Weight of Your Truck Accurately?


Yesterday I visited my Uncle to deliver the package from my mother. I thought it would only take a while to do that, but I ended up learning new things (well, it has nothing to do with the techie stuff :)) while I waited him. I saw my uncle’s worker measured the weight of the […]

Hire Your SEO Company Carefully!


Just this morning I found my friend, Joe, upset about his last month online income revenue. He told me that he got a great a good number back in January and December but this February, his revenue hit the lowest point. I was curious what happened to his website. Last time I heard that he […]

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