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Creating Your Web Pages Part (4)


Creating Hyperlinks To create a hyperlink, you generally first select the text or image, and click the Hyperlink toolbar button. The Web-authoring tool will often display a dialog box like the FrontPage Create Hyperlink dialog box. To create the hyperlink, select the file to which you want to link or type the file’s address in […]

Creating Your Web Pages Part (3)


If you want to copy the text rather than move it, simply hold down the Ctrl key while you drag the text to its new (duplicate) location. Moving and copying text by dragging takes some getting used to at first—especially if you are sitting in an airplane and doing it on a laptop computer. But […]

Creating Your Web Pages Part (2)


Importing Text Despite the multimedia emphasis of the Web, text is still the heart of most good Web pages.  Besides being a clear and concise means of communicating to your visitors, text also downloads very quickly, can be indexed by search engines, and is usually easier to create than more visual forms of content. To […]

Creating Your Web Pages


The precise steps you take to create your Web pages depend on the Web creation or Web-authoring tool that you’ve selected. In general, you use a wizard to create a set of blank Web pages and then add the text and images that you’ve already collected.

Website: Collecting and Creating Digital Content


Once you pick a domain name and sign up for Web hosting, you’re ready to collect and create your digital content. In any business or organization already using computers, this work is easier than you might suspect.