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Watching My Favorite Movies Everywhere and Every Time


What are your hobbies? Personally, I love traveling and watching movies. I think doing my own hobbies is the most interesting thing in my life. Unfortunately, I have so many works at my office so I have no time to travel. Besides, I almost spend my whole time at my office even sometimes I work […]

Movavi: Smart Software to Convert Your Video


For some people, recording amazing moments is a gift, hobby, entertainment, or even job. The recording will be saved as a video (usually is MP4 format) that can be watched anytime. People usually save their videos in computer, laptop, Smartphone, etc.

Manage Employee’s Attendance through Time Clock Software


Everybody wants their business run well. The company always has the plan to make the company run smoothly. The company has many staffs and employees which support the activities of the company. The staffs and employees have to start working and stop working at the certain time.