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Choosing a Web Hosting Service Part (2)


· Disk Space Allotment. Most businesses have small sites, and generally don’t have trouble fitting comfortably in the 25MB of Web space provided by even the most barebones Web hosting plans you might look at. If you plan on having a large number of images, audio, or video files on your site, however, disk space […]

Choosing a Web Hosting Service


Choosing a company to host your Web site can be a bewildering experience. With thousands of Web hosting companies, each usually offering several different hosting plans, it takes knowledge and a certain amount of patience to choose a Web hosting company.

Which One Better, Single or Web Hosting Reseller?


If you look at any web hosting provider, you will see several types of web hosting service that they provide. Two most common types that offered are single hosting and reseller. The question is which one better? Let’s make a comparison!

Creating Real Estate Website


Creating a real estate website is different from making any other website, because it’s so much fun. I just got a project to make a real estate website from my client. At first I thought it would be so complicated, you bet, it way easier than I think.

My Way to Choose Web Hosting Services Provider!


Tired of reading hundred ways in choosing the best web hosting providers from one website to another website? Well, it’s too confusing. Every web hosting provider has their own way to prove that they are the best and with some comparison table it seems like they are the best web hosting provider indeed. Guess what, […]

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