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What is the Right Time to Buy Hosting Service?


Just checked out my inbox an hour ago and I was surprised with one message which asked me ‘What is the right time to buy hosting service?’ Hmm,, for a minute I think it was a joke but then I realize maybe he really need my help. Therefore, I decided to bring the question up […]

Have You Ever Talked to Robot?


Guys, have you ever talked to robot? I mean like a real robot? Well I had till yesterday! To be honest, it wasn’t an excited experience. Here is what happened back then: I had a problem with my web hosting. My web was down without any advance notice. I was angry because I use that […]

Blog Network Is Dead, Oh Really?


Month ago I heard a rumor that Google ‘kill’ most of blog network available out there. Most people believe that they can no longer use the power of blog network. For those people I always ask, oh really?

Watch Out! Google Panda is in Attack Mode!


Dear fellow SEOers, if you haven’t notice about what happen lately in search engine world, let me tell you a bad news. Last month, March 19, Google started to deindex lots of blog that is indicated as a spam.

Have You Ever Stood Up in Hosting Queue line?


Wew! That was the only word that came out of my mouth last night. I was shocked that I have to stand up in hosting queue line. Yeah hosting queue line, sounds weird right? But it is true. I wanted to complain about my other hosting (not the hosting for this blog, this one is […]

What is the best hosting for Amazon Affiliate Site?


Yesterday, when I checked my inbox I found an interesting question from one of you guys! It’s about how to pick the best hosting for Amazon affiliate site. I think it’s a interesting question so I decide to bring it up here so I can share my opinion with all of you.

How to I Choose My Website Hosting


As you all know, hosting plays an important part in every single site. There is no website that is accessible without using a hosting service. The problem is, only few website hosting service that deliver a good service while the rest just give you ‘promise’. In this article I want to share with you my […]

Where to Find a Web Hosting Company Part (2)


DN Resources The DN Resources site at has a special Hosting section that lists sites that provide a list of Web hosting companies. It’s a little confusing, since each site shows a different list of Web hosting companies. Once you sort it out, however, it can be a good place to come up with […]

Where to Find a Web Hosting Company


With the thousands of Web hosting companies that you can choose from, narrowing your list of candidates to a reasonable number can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Several useful resources exist, however, to point you in the right direction.

How Web Hosting Can Affect Your Online Business


Do you know the most important part you should consider before you leave your website run automatically? It is web hosting! How so? Read our (me and my friend) experience below, I’m sure you will understand easily: My friend, Greg and I are both internet marketer. Both of us run an online business with a […]

Choosing a Web Hosting Service Part (4)


· Technical Support. All Web hosting companies provide technical support for any problems with publishing your Web site, Web site availability, e-mail, and so forth. However, the type, quality, and availability of this support will vary. Not all companies provide toll-free technical support phone numbers; not all companies provide 24-hour, 7-day-a-week (24/7) technical support.

Choosing a Web Hosting Service Part (3)


· Mailing Lists, List Servers, and Majordomo. Depending on your business or organization, you may want to start an e-mail mailing list. A number of methods exist for creating mailing lists, so if you think this might be a capability you need, consider finding a Web hosting company that includes some sort of mailing list […]

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