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Setting Up Your Domain Part (3)


Picking a Top-Level Domain (con’t) Nonprofit organizations should probably use the .org top-level domain, although depending on the nature of the organization you might also consider registering your domain name with a .com top-level domain. Once you’ve come up with some ideas for domain names, it’s time to check for their availability.

Setting Up Your Domain Part (2)


Picking a Host Name (con’t) While a name like may be short and easy to remember, some people will have trouble spelling rhythm, potentially eliminating a large number of visitors. Perhaps something like would be a better choice. Third, short domain names are far preferable to long ones, although not if the name […]

Setting Up Your Domain


Before you can begin constructing a Web site, you need to lay a foundation by acquiring a domain name and choosing a company to host your site. Picking a Domain Name Picking a domain name is a small step in the creation of a Web site, but in many cases your domain name is at […]