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Website: Creating New Digital Content Part (2)


Documents Documents are the other half of the new content equation, and, unfortunately, not every document that belongs on your site is going to already exist, or at least not in digital form. If you can’t find a digital version of content that you want for your site, retyping the document may become a necessity. […]

Website: Creating New Digital Content


Not all content for your Web site is going to be available in digital format. Some of it will exist in print form and yet more will need to be created from scratch. In general, the new content falls into two categories: images and documents.

Website: Collecting Existing Digital Content Part (2)


· E-mails can often be a rich source of content for a Web site, although you must use special care when using e-mail conversations. Special messages sent out to customers can be placed in a Web page for users who didn’t receive the e-mail, customer questions and answers can be integrated into a Frequently Asked […]

Website: Collecting Existing Digital Content


(This tool might be FrontPage, for example.) Just about any kind of digital content you have can be adapted for use on the Web: · Word processor documents (.doc, .txt, .wpf ) such as project reports, manuals, company objectives, newsletters, and notices to customers created with a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, AppleWorks, […]

Website: Collecting and Creating Digital Content


Once you pick a domain name and sign up for Web hosting, you’re ready to collect and create your digital content. In any business or organization already using computers, this work is easier than you might suspect.