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What is the Right Time to Buy Hosting Service?

Just checked out my inbox an hour ago and I was surprised with one message which asked me ‘What is the right time to buy hosting service?’ Hmm,, for a minute I think it was a joke but then I realize maybe he really need my help. Therefore, I decided to bring the question up here.

Well hosting is the main part of a website. It’s a server where you keep your entire site’s data. I think you should buy professional hosting service from reliable hosting provider if you want to run an online business because professional hosting service has lot of features that a free one doesn’t.

If you just want to use your site for blogging purpose, using free hosting service like google hosting, blogspot, or wordpress blog is more than enough. Why should you spend money for unprofitable activities? It’s a waste then.

Once you decide to run a professional business then I think you should use premium hosting because you can use your own domain name not like in free hosting service where you require using embedded name like sites.google.com/yourname.

If you want to buy premium hosting for your domain, I think you can use the search function in this site because I’ve discussed about it earlier.

Hope my answer can help!

This is a paid review.

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