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Watching My Favorite Movies Everywhere and Every Time

What are your hobbies? Personally, I love traveling and watching movies. I think doing my own hobbies is the most interesting thing in my life. Unfortunately, I have so many works at my office so I have no time to travel. Besides, I almost spend my whole time at my office even sometimes I work overtime. I have my leisure time only on Sunday; I think it is too short to spend my leisure time by traveling.

By the way, the only hobby that I can do every time and everywhere is watching movies. I have some favorite movies such as: adventure movie like Harry Potter, and action movies like The Matrix or Spiderman. I’ve watched those kinds of movies many times but I still keep watching it because the movies are very interesting for me. I always enjoy watching and never feel bored of the movies. Besides, those movies always release the new series so I can enjoy watching the new series.

I usually watch my favorite movies in my laptop when I take a rest at office especially when I have only a little works. Lately, I got my laptop damage. Soon I repaired it to the nearest computer store but until now it still can’t be repaired perfectly.

I couldn’t bring my laptop to office so I felt bored at office especially when I had a lot of free times. Therefore, I decided to copy my favorite movies to my mobile phone so I could watch it again. Copying my favorite movies to mobile phone, I need video converter because the format is definitely different.  After downloading video converter software, I convert the movies formats from AVI to mp4.

After converting the video format, now I can enjoy watching my favorite movies again every time 🙂

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