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ThunderTask: Help Me in Managing My Tasks

Hi, my name is Mary. I live in Mexico and work at one of big companies as accounting manager here. Working as accounting manager I am always busy every day. I can’t have fun with my friends by shopping or doing other interesting activities like other women anymore. Anyway, I’m really sure that most of you also face the some problems like me, don’t you? In this case, I want to share you a little about my story.

Lately, my day is always filled by many tasks at the office. I need to finish doing all my tasks as soon as possible or my boss is going to fire me. I almost never go out to have fun with my friends anymore because I spend all my time by sitting in front of my computer to finish my tasks. How terrible my life is!

I sometimes feel confused of choosing which task that I should finish first. All my tasks are important and need to be finished soon this month. I also feel dizzy to manage my tasks well because I sometimes forget about the tasks that have been completed and not. By the way, I ever carelessly did the tasks that I’ve done before.

Therefore, I asked a friend to help me manage my whole task so I won’t do any mistakes in doing my tasks. Unfortunately, my friend postpones helping me to manage my tasks. She only recommended me to use ThunderTask on the internet to help me. She said that I need to register and create an account first then I can use it.

After creating ThunderTask account, now I can manage all my tasks well and finish doing it on time. Besides, my boss also gives me some bonuses because I’ve worked well 🙂 Anyway, do you have problem like me? Let’s create your ThunderTask account now and finish doing all your tasks well guys 🙂


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