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Have You Ever Talked to Robot?

Guys, have you ever talked to robot? I mean like a real robot? Well I had till yesterday! To be honest, it wasn’t an excited experience. Here is what happened back then:

I had a problem with my web hosting. My web was down without any advance notice. I was angry because I use that web to earn some money so if the website was down, I didn’t earn any money at all yesterday. I lost about $200 🙁

The best place to ask for help if you are having trouble with your hosting is the online support team. Yeah, I went to them yesterday but guess what I stood in queue of 167 people. I wondered when I would get the chance to talk to the support team.

I waited about 2 hours (or more I don’t really remember) and finally I could talk to them. After explaining my problems, they didn’t answer. I just got this message:

“Please understand that we are helping plenty customer at this time. Please be patient.”

What the f**k! I wasted 2 hours and all I got was answer from bot (robot red.)

Since then I decided to move my hosting provider. This time I use the recommendation from web hosting choice. Been 24 hours since I bought new hosting, so far I am so happy. If you have same problem with me, I recommend you to visit web hosting choice to find new hosting provider for you. 🙂

Note: This is a sponsored review.

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