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No clue as to what your next ebook read should be?

Wherever you go you can find plenty of ebook charts; in magazines, online newspapers and also of course on an ebook bookstore. The question is; do you really choose a book based on its position on the charts? I personally only ever buy an ebook when someone has recommended me one.

When my parents tell me of this great story they’ve read recently, or when my friends are getting all hyped up about the Hunger Games – that’s when I go online and begin to read. This is why I find online recommendations really helpful too. Hence, I have written two recommendations of great books that I’ve read in the last two months.

A Song of Ice and Fire (A Game of Thrones ebook Series) by George R.R. Martin

This is the first book in A Game of Thrones series, which you may have noticed is a popular HBO TV show. Both the story and the author have been highly appraised by the press, readers and viewers, and some fans believe it to be as great as some older fantasy epics such as Lord of the Rings. A Song of Ice and Fire is an astonishing fantasy story that describes an enormous world in extreme depth and with exceptional characters and engaging storylines that will leave you turning the page for hours on end. As this is the first in the series, it has one main plotline with one family, with only slight divergences into other families that are only further discussed in the later books.

It is not a typical good-versus-evil story line, as most of the characters hold a lot of ambiguity that often leaves you guessing as to who and what you can and should be trusting. The story deviates from the typical fantasy story guidelines in the sense that it is not based on a future quest, but instead on an entire history. This is a ‘world building, reader grabbing’ book and will leave you hungry for more.

Mr Midnight by James Lee

This is another series, which is marketed as a children’s horror series, but that can surely be enjoyed by anyone. If you liked the Goosebumps stories (or your children do), this series is sure to be a hit. All the books in the series have multiple stories in them, giving you ‘more bang for your buck’. They are quick, short little reads that can provide good entertainment just before bed or in the tube on your way to work.

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