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My Mario Bros

Do you know Mario Bros? May be some of you do not remember any more about Mario Bros. Well, I will refresh your mind about Mario Bros. Mario Bros is a plumber with thick mustache who has a brother, Luigi. Mario wears plumber’s shirt and his cap in his adventures. Mario wears the red shirt while Luigi wears the green one.

Mario Bros was created and published by Nintendo in 1983. This game was made in some series in Japan by Shigeru Miyamoto. In Mario adventures, Mario and his brother should beat their enemies like the turtles and dragons in a city. It can provide you some challenges that you should solve.

Now, do you remember him? Can you imagine who Mario is?

When I was in elementary school, I usually played this game. This game gave me an interesting adventure. I still remembered when I could beat Mario’s enemies, it made me happy. 😉

Now, I am a manager. I do not enough time to play the game. Sometimes, I miss playing Mario game like in the past. In fact, to find out Mario Bros game is hard. One day in my holiday, I tried to find out this game on the internet. Actually, I could find out this game on the Internet like suggested by my friend.

I was so happy and tried to play Mario dash games. There were many Mario games that I could find out there, such as: Super Mario Battle, Mario Bros Motocross, Mario Zeppelin, etc. During my holiday, I always played this game. I couldn’t be happier to play this game again :D.

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