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Food Processing

foodToday, we can buy our needs of foods and drinks at the supermarket, minimarket, modern market, stores, and many more. We can easily buy our need at the same place. Then we can cook it as meal easily. How about the process of the foods that are provided for us in almost markets and stores?

They came from the livestock, agricultures, the industries, factories, etc. It has a long process to come to our house to be cooked easily. The farmers that run livestock breed their cattle. By the time that the cattle can be consume they sell it using the livestock scales. The livestock scales are the scales that are designed specially for weighing livestock.

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The cattle then sell to the food industries and the place of slaughter. In the food industries the meat is processed to be ready meals that is marketed in the supermarkets and others market. The meat from the slaughtered place is delivered to the market and traditional market.  That’s why now we can easily find fresh meat, many kind of food in various kinds, vegetables, fruits and many more.

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