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Watch Out! Google Panda is in Attack Mode!

Dear fellow SEOers, if you haven’t notice about what happen lately in search engine world, let me tell you a bad news. Last month, March 19, Google started to deindex lots of blog that is indicated as a spam.

I’m sure it’s a big deal especially for SEO specialist like you. I think it’s better for you to check the ranking of your targeted keyword. Does your site stay there or not? If it is there it means your SEO technique is ‘clean’ enough in Google eye. Well if it doesn’t I think you need to find another technique that works.

From my point of view, I think one way that is used by Google to indicate whether a blog is a spam or not is from the IP of the link. I mean if your site gets a backlink from quite similar IP address again and again, I think you are in a big trouble. This can happen if you use ‘SEO hosting’. The IP address of the blog that sent you the backlink have the same A class and B class. Google can easily detect this pattern.

Therefore, I recommend you to use a better webhosting provider that has a better reputation and has been used worldwide, this way your site is safe from Google attack. I usually check webhostingrating.com to find the top ten WordPress Hosting Providers! Just check it out, okay?

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