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Blog Network Is Dead, Oh Really?

Month ago I heard a rumor that Google ‘kill’ most of blog network available out there. Most people believe that they can no longer use the power of blog network. For those people I always ask, oh really?

I can’t deny that most of blog network is dead but not all of them are dead. Only blog network that is not only focus on sending a link juice to other website remain secure. I can say this because I have my own blog network and all of them are safe from Google penalty and the best part is I still get the maximum power. This way I can optimize my money site easily.

The question is how do I do it? Like this, Google can easily detect the existence of blog network if there is a pattern detected, for example the IP similarities of your blog network. If you can put your blog network in separated place you can easily ‘hide’ from Google penalty like I did and still do these days.

Take the advantage of cheap web hosting service like from avahost.net. This way you can build your own blog network with less money possible. Understand? I hope you do. Good luck my friend!

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