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Hire Your SEO Company Carefully!

Just this morning I found my friend, Joe, upset about his last month online income revenue. He told me that he got a great a good number back in January and December but this February, his revenue hit the lowest point.

I was curious what happened to his website. Last time I heard that he hired a SEO (search engine optimization) company that somehow can optimize his site to a selected keyword within couple months only. So when people type that keyword in Google or Bing, his site come out at the top three position! I think there is no way he can lose that much revenue if his site still there.

Then, I helped him to manually check the keyword that his site ranked before. Guess what, I can’t even find his website at first thirty! Gosh! No wonder he got almost no sales last month!

I tried to find the answer about this problem (through Google of course). Then I realized, maybe Joe hired a ‘scam’ Search Engine Optimization company! I read in someone site that there is a ‘black’ SEO method to bring your site to the top position in short period of time but when Google find out about it, Google will penalize your site. They put it in jail, named ‘sand box’.

Since then, I think if you want to hire a SEO company to work for your site, you should do it carefully. Pick the one who have a good portfolio and (if possible) years of experience. Luckily, I found one SEO company that fulfills those requirements; it is Boston Search Engine Optimization. With ten years of experience, I’m sure they know exactly what they do. Please visit Boston Search Engine Optimization for more detail.

Note: This is a sponsored review for Boston Search Engine Optimization.


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