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Have You Ever Stood Up in Hosting Queue line?

Wew! That was the only word that came out of my mouth last night. I was shocked that I have to stand up in hosting queue line. Yeah hosting queue line, sounds weird right? But it is true. I wanted to complain about my other hosting (not the hosting for this blog, this one is great hosting) because the performance of their hosting sucks. My site is regularly down especially in peak hours.

Therefore I decided to contact the support team. After I click ‘start chat’ I realized that I was on 127th position! More than hundred people complain their service at the same time. Wew! To be honest with you I felt kind of lazy to wait because if one customer takes 3 minutes then I have to wait about an hour (considering that the support team is not just one person).

Since then I directly subscribed to other web hosting company that serve their customer better. This way if I have any complain, I can get to the customer support faster. I don’t mind to wait 10 minutes because I think it’s normal.

If your site uses WordPress as the CMS, I highly recommend you to use best wordpress hosting only because their server knows exactly what WordPress needs to perform at it best. Good luck!

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