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Becoming A Dot Com Billionaire

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Who don’t want to be a billionaire? Everything is possible as long as your have strong wills, hard works, and clear goals.

  • Strong wills. Can you imagine what would happen if Thomas Alva Edison decided to stop when he failed how to make lamp on. You shouldn’t give up easily when you fail, especially in your first trial. You should also pay no attention to people that say, except when they support you.
  • Hard works. Strong will without hard works equal to nothing. It’s like you talk so much but do nothing at all. Can you reach the top or become successful when you only look for great ideas without realizing it? Consistency and hard work are very important to bring you to become a billionaire.
  • Clear goals. Why do I mention this? Because I find many people that have strong wills and hard works, but don’t know what are their goals. They only know that they work for living, for buying house, for paying their children school’s fee, etc. However, do you know that when you’re making your life goal, you will be motivated to reach the goal? Don’t forget to give the deadline of the goals, so your brain will be forced to think creatively how to achieve it.

Last but not least, having a business in internet using websites is the simplest and most economical way to become a billionaire. There are a lot of new billionaires that get their money from websites, like Jonathan Burdon who already owns one of the top hosting companies – Already Hosting, in his 24 year old age.

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