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What is the best hosting for Amazon Affiliate Site?

Yesterday, when I checked my inbox I found an interesting question from one of you guys! It’s about how to pick the best hosting for Amazon affiliate site. I think it’s a interesting question so I decide to bring it up here so I can share my opinion with all of you.

Making money from Amazon affiliate site is actually a good move. I heard some people making thousands dollar from this affiliate program (I’m still at hundreds dollar level though). Well, in this article we are not going to discuss the detail about how to sell the Amazon product but from the web hosting point of view.

In my opinion, the best hosting package for Amazon affiliate site is the shared hosting which has ‘unlimited add ons domain feature’ because usually on each site, we only sell several product based on a specific niche. So I think you will need to host several sites at the same time sooner or later. Having shared hosting will keep your purse alive.

Make sure you only buy a shared hosting package from well known player web hosting provider because your data will safe them. You can see the top ten web hosting provider from webhostinggeeks.com.

So I think that’s it. Hope my answer can help you all! Good luck!

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