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Publishing Your Web Site

websiteWhen you’re ready to make your Web site available to the general public on the World Wide Web, you need to publish it to the Internet. Typically, publishing your Web to your Web hosting company’s Web server is an easy step. All that really needs to happen is that the HTML documents and any another necessary files (such as images) need to be copied to the Web server.

Many Web-authoring tools, including FrontPage 2000, provide built-in support for publishing to Web servers. For example, in FrontPage, all you need to do is click the Publish Web toolbar button and then fill out the Publish Web dialog box


To use the Publish Web dialog box, enter the location where you want to publish your site (most likely your domain name, for example, www.mycompany.com, or perhaps ftp://www.mycompany.com) in the Specify The Location To Publish Your Web To box. Then click the Publish button.

When the Name And Password Required dialog box appears, enter the name and password you use to administer your Web site (on your Web hosting company’s Web server, not on your local Web server) and then click OK.

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