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How to Safely Moving Data from Old Computer to a New One

Several days ago, I bought a new personal computer which has i7 as the main processor. I was so excited because i7 is the latest and fastest processor that exists today! You can play any game or run any program without worry that your computer will hang! But I got some problem when I want to move the data from old computer to a new one, can you guess what is it? Yep, the data I have is too big I think. It’s about 500Gb, it takes couple hours to move that much data.

Actually what made me feel worry was what if I lose some important data when I move the data. You know, it’s normal to have a broken file (even some files) when you move large data. I can’t lose the data about my work because I can lose my job!

Later I found out the better idea. I backup my data at two places, my new computer and my online storage. I backup my important data to my online storage first and then backup it again together with other data as well to my new computer. Therefore, if there are some files broken, I have nothing to worry about.

I use online storage from Dropbox. So far, I’m satisfy with their storage performance, easy to use and user friendly. If you want to know more about dropbox, you can read dropbox review first! Good luck!

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