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How to Get Out of Debt

Do you stress because of the debt? Well, don’t be. It’s easy to say not to do for sure but this time, in this article, I want to share with you how I get out of the debt using my own way (might be not the smartest way though, but it works for me):

As a computer nerd, I love to follow the latest trend of any computer part, the LCD, the speaker, the processor and so on. The problem is, I can’t hold myself from buying that stuff. For some occasion, I tried not to do that, guess what? I couldn’t sleep at night; I kept thinking how good that stuff is. Usually the next day, I ended up buy it.

That’s why I have a huge debt in my credit card account. So far because I have 5 credit cards, I always ‘turn the money’ from one credit card to another. After a year, I found out that I have too much debt!

Later I realize that because I have too much credit card, I kind of ‘allow’ myself to be consumptive. I have chances to buy lot of stuff that I don’t really need at this moment. From that day on, I close my credit cards and just leave one of them.

To make me not to use that credit card so often (unless it’s an emergency), I put that credit card at home and the most important thing is I manage all of my existing debt using Baines & Ernst service. Debt management is important so you know for sure how much money you need to save to pay the debt. After 6 months using their service, I can see my debt is decreasing well. You should try it too!

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