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Have You Chosen the Online Backup Company?

online storageThese days we’ve been talking a lot about online backup. There are many reasons why should we do that, such as: we never know when our computer gets viruses, when our computer crashes. Yesterday, I shared you my bad experience to move my data to a new laptop in which I spent hours to finish doing that.

Now, have you decided which online storage company do you want to use? Below are several considerations to be made:

  • Price. Yes, for most people, price is the most crucial thing. They always see everything based on its price. You can find online backup company from the cheap one to a very expensive one, but high price is not equal with great quality.
  • Space. I recommend you to choose company that allows you to store data unlimitedly. However, be careful with the term unlimited since some companies define it as unlimited space but limited number of files while the others define it as unlimited number of files but limited number of files. It’s good to get unlimited spaces and number of files.
  • Customer service. We never expect to get problems with your online backup company, but in Internet area problems cannot be avoided. When it happens, you should be able to contact to their customer service or technical people to correct it as soon as possible.
  • Free trial. Who don’t love getting free trial before buying something? It helps us for spending money in buying the wrong thing. We often be amazed with the promotional things given by the company, but after we bought it we know that it’s not what we need, we need a better service or product.

Based on those criteria, myPCbackup rank number 1 in many websites that give rating about online backup companies. I’ve seen the rank in at least 3 sites and I’m willing to try its service soon. The price is cheap, the space is unlimited, and other factors are also ranked good by its customers 🙂

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