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Creating Your Web Pages

webpageThe precise steps you take to create your Web pages depend on the Web creation or Web-authoring tool that you’ve selected. In general, you use a wizard to create a set of blank Web pages and then add the text and images that you’ve already collected.

Starting with a Wizard

Most of the popular programs provide wizards that step you through the process of creating blank Web pages. FrontPage works this way, for example. Using FrontPage’s Web wizards is an efficient way to rapidly create a Web site, and they are especially useful if you don’t have a clear idea of how your site should be structured.

When you use a FrontPage wizard, FrontPage creates many of the essential pages for your Web, based on the information you type into the various screens. The FrontPage wizard also provides other dialog boxes that you use to enter your company’s name and address, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses. Typically, a wizard also lets you choose a design or coordinated look for your site.

Although these Web pages will need some modifications and you’ll still need to insert your own content, they can streamline the process of creating your initial pages.

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