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Creating Your Web Pages Part (4)

webpageCreating Hyperlinks

To create a hyperlink, you generally first select the text or image, and click the Hyperlink toolbar button. The Web-authoring tool will often display a dialog box like the FrontPage Create Hyperlink dialog box. To create the hyperlink, select the file to which you want to link or type the file’s address in the URL text box. To make a hyperlink to an e-mail address, click the envelope icon in the Edit Hyperlink dialog box and then enter the e-mail address in the dialog box that is displayed.


Creating effective hyperlinks can be an art unto itself, but in general, all you need to do is make the linking text short and descriptive. There is no need to include the words click here—this instruction is implicit. For example, use widgets instead of click here for widgets

Inserting Images

Typically, the easiest way to insert an image into a Web page (if you’re using FrontPage) is to find the image in the Folders list and then drag it where you want to position it in your Web page. If that technique doesn’t work, your Web-authoring tool probably has an Insert Picture command you can use.

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