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Creating Your Web Pages Part (2)

webpageImporting Text

Despite the multimedia emphasis of the Web, text is still the heart of most good Web pages.  Besides being a clear and concise means of communicating to your visitors, text also downloads very quickly, can be indexed by search engines, and is usually easier to create than more visual forms of content. To insert text into your Web page, follow these general steps:

1. Position the cursor where you want to insert the text.

Your Web-authoring tool will probably insert the entire contents of the file you specify at the current location of the cursor, so place the cursor somewhere suitable.

2. Choose the command to insert the file.

Different Web-authoring tools have different names for this command. In FrontPage, you click the Insert menu and then click File.

3. Identify the file.

When prompted by the Web-authoring tool, identify the location and then the file you want to insert.

4. Select the file you want to import, and click Open.

The Web-authoring tool should import the text into your Web page. You can move text by dragging, or you can move text by cutting and pasting. To move text by dragging, select the text and hold down the mouse button as you drag the text to its new location.

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