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Backup, Backup, Backup!

Backup is a must! Pretty simple lesson that I learned last month, unfortunately I learned in hard way. You know what, I have a pretty good knowledge about computer, internet, and internet virus and so on but still some virus can get into my computer silently and wipe out all of my data inside my laptop. What a life!

Honestly, I don’t really care about some data I have inside, it was just some movies, songs, and comics. But the project that I was working on is also gone too! I had spend two weeks working on my last project, about .net program, and it’s gone now!

Therefore, for those of you who read this article, I recommend you to perform regular backup at least for your important data. So if there is something happen, you still a backup data somewhere else.

If you are lazy to do so, you can use an online storage service from online storage provider. They have some program to perform automatic backup, all you need to do is set the backup schedule and let them do the hard work for you :).

If you need some online storage providers, I think you can visit best online storage providers at wpdesigner.com/online-storage. WpDesigner provide the most up to date of top ten online storage providers (based on their server reliability, price, and guarantee) at this moment, so you have nothing to worry about if you put your data in their storage.

Once again, backup your data guys!

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