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Where to Find a Web Hosting Company

hostingWith the thousands of Web hosting companies that you can choose from, narrowing your list of candidates to a reasonable number can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Several useful resources exist, however, to point you in the right direction.


Choosing a Web hosting company isn’t a permanent decision. You can easily switch companies at almost any time (although you might choose to sign up for a one-year contract to avoid setup fees). So don’t waste too much time trying to find “the one.” If you later locate a better one, switch when your contract is up.

Microsoft’s Locate A Web Presence Provider Web Site

Located at http://www.microsoftwpp.com, the Microsoft Locate A Web Presence Provider Web site allows you to perform a search for a Web hosting company that is a Microsoft registered host for FrontPage Web sites. This is probably the best place to search for a Web hosting company if you plan on using FrontPage 2000 to build your site.

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