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Where to Find a Web Hosting Company Part (2)

hostingDN Resources

The DN Resources site at http://www.dnresources.com has a special Hosting section that lists sites that provide a list of Web hosting companies. It’s a little confusing, since each site shows a different list of Web hosting companies. Once you sort it out, however, it can be a good place to come up with companies to possibly host your site.

Local Computer Papers

If you’re looking for a local Web hosting company, check out any local computer papers or the technology section of your local paper for ads from local companies. You can also check the Yellow Pages under Internet.

Signing Up for Service

After deciding on a domain name, locating a Web hosting company, and selecting the appropriate hosting plan, you need to sign up for the actual service. The details of the signup process are different for every company, so you’ll need to ask the Web hosting company for instructions and help.

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