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Website: Creating New Documents

websiteWhen creating new content for use on a Web site, you can take specific steps to make the content import into your Web-authoring tool more easily and more elegantly:

· Create any large amounts of text you want to use on your site using Microsoft Word or another word processing program, and then either save the document in the appropriate format for importing into your Web-authoring tool or save it directly as an HTML document that the Web-authoring tool can then edit. It’s much easier and more efficient to create and edit content of any substantial length in a dedicated word processor.

· Avoid using complex formatting or graphics in documents. These generally don’t import accurately into a Web-authoring tool. An exception to this rule is when the program used to create the content has special HTML output capabilities that enable it to handle complex formatting or documents. However, these exported pages may prove difficult to edit, so test out this capability before you rely on it extensively.

· Before creating a large amount of content with a particular application, test out how well the content can be imported by your Web-authoring tool or exported to HTML from the application. Knowing the limitations of the process beforehand can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

· Save new documents in a central content folder with a useful filename that allows everyone working on the site to easily identify the document.

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