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Website: Creating New Digital Content

digital contentNot all content for your Web site is going to be available in digital format. Some of it will exist in print form and yet more will need to be created from scratch. In general, the new content falls into two categories: images and documents.

Images are usually created by using a digital camera, a scanner, or an art program of some sort. Documents are generally created from scratch by using a word processor or spreadsheet program, although some companies will give in to the urge to scan printed documents that aren’t already available in digital format.

Digital Images

There are several ways to create new digital images for use on a Web site. Photographs can be scanned into the computer using a scanner, imported using a Photo CD picture disk or online image processing service, or they can be taken using a digital camera and directly imported into the computer. Digital images can also be created in the computer using an art program.

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