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Website: Creating New Digital Content Part (2)

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Documents are the other half of the new content equation, and, unfortunately, not every document that belongs on your site is going to already exist, or at least not in digital form. If you can’t find a digital version of content that you want for your site, retyping the document may become a necessity. However, in special circumstances you may also be able to scan the document and use an optical character recognition (OCR) program.

Although OCR programs have greatly improved and are now quite useful, unless you have a long document that needs to be placed in its entirety on your site, it’s usually faster to retype a document than it is to scan it, run it through the OCR program, and then correct the mistakes.


OCR programs are standalone programs that convert a scanned document into text that can be used in a word processing program or Web page editor. They can provide an easy way to digitize existing, typewritten content, but these programs do produce errors in the scanned documents. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully evaluate the amount of time involved in correcting scanned documents before relying heavily on OCR programs.

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