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Website: Collecting Existing Digital Content

digital content (This tool might be FrontPage, for example.) Just about any kind of digital content you have can be adapted for use on the Web:

· Word processor documents (.doc, .txt, .wpf ) such as project reports, manuals, company objectives, newsletters, and notices to customers created with a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, AppleWorks, or Corel WordPerfect, can be a big reservoir of content.

· Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (.ppt), lecture slides, or demos, might be great additions to your site.

· Spreadsheet documents (.xls) might also be good content for your site, provided the data relates to your site’s purpose and target audience. This could include financial information, analyzed data from technical companies, or statistical data from tests.

· Digital images (.jpg, .gif, .png, .fpx) are a staple of any Web site. This includes logos or graphics.

· Flyers, brochures, or other computer-created content stored in some sort of computer format (perhaps created using Microsoft Publisher or Adobe PageMaker) are also excellent sources of content for a site.

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