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Website: Collecting Existing Digital Content Part (2)

digital content · E-mails can often be a rich source of content for a Web site, although you must use special care when using e-mail conversations. Special messages sent out to customers can be placed in a Web page for users who didn’t receive the e-mail, customer questions and answers can be integrated into a Frequently Asked Questions page, or visitor comments can be placed on a Feedback page (usually with names removed).

· Existing Web pages might seem an obvious source, but if your business or organization already has Web pages it has created for one reason or another, you should probably evaluate how useful they would be on your new site.

· Sound files and/or video files (.wav, .au, .mp3, .mpg, .avi, .mov) are usually very large and should generally be avoided, but you might find audio and/or video files that would be perfect for your site. Use discretion with these files because of their large size and the slow speed of most visitors’ Internet connections.

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