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Website: Collecting and Creating Digital Content

digital contentOnce you pick a domain name and sign up for Web hosting, you’re ready to collect and create your digital content. In any business or organization already using computers, this work is easier than you might suspect.

Collecting Existing Digital Content

Your business may already have a large amount of digital content that can be used on a site with only a minimal amount of work. When we say digital content, we mean any content that can be opened using a computer application such as a word processor or an image-editing program.

This includes data on hard drives, your local network, the Internet (though be careful about copyrights), floppy and Zip disks, CD-ROMS, and so forth. To use existing digital content (which comes in many types), you first need to locate it, and, if necessary, convert the content to an appropriate format for later importing into your Web-authoring tool.

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