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How to I Choose My Website Hosting

As you all know, hosting plays an important part in every single site. There is no website that is accessible without using a hosting service. The problem is, only few website hosting service that deliver a good service while the rest just give you ‘promise’.

In this article I want to share with you my unique way to choose website hosting service:

Find the one which has years experience (More than 5 years)

Not to underestimate the new comer but in the business statistic we know what only 4% business survive after 5 years means that only the one that deliver the quality and follow the latest trend can survive these days! I think this opinion make sense. Therefore if we talk about website hosting service, you should choose the one which has more than 5 years experience.

Can you imagine putting your important data in such 3 months old website hosting provider? What will you do if they suddenly shut down their business and leave your data nowhere?

I use AvaHost.net for my money making website. AvaHost.net is a Cheap Website Hosting provider that has been played in hosting business since 2001. Means 10 years of experience make them as a trustworthy provider. I have no worries putting my data in their server.

Furthermore, you can pick some hosting plans based on your needs. There are regular, reseller and VPS hosting. Make sure you buy the one that is suitable for your needs. If you aren’t so sure, you can always contact their customer support anytime. I’m sure they’ll help you.


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