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Five Star Hotel Entertainment: Audience Response Systems

Businesses tend to use audience response systems for their training conferences or at conventions where key players in the industry come together to discuss ideas and business models. However, the hotel industry could benefit hugely by bringing event technology to their guests for use in entertainment.

Guests staying at hotels and holiday resorts expect some form of evening entertainment to be available, making their holiday experience fun and enjoyable and being easily accessible. Guests will always be looking for something different and exciting to make their holiday memorable. Hotels will want to maximise the enjoyment factor to keep guests at the bar, spending money, instead of going up to their rooms for an early night.

Two of the ways audience response can be used in hotel entertainment are for sending and receiving answers to quizzes and for voting in talent shows. A keypad can be placed on each table or given to each guest and they can then vote or answer questions using a multiple choice format. The results will then be collected at the base station which can also be set up to display quiz scores, or voting results instantly.

The idea of instant data collection is important as most people are accustomed to the speed of modern technology that displays information in their homes: digital TV, internet and smart phones are all accessible to most households today. Manually collecting scores and votes can take a long time and leading to a lull in the entertainment. Furthermore, the interactivity factor of using event technology also has a huge impact. The fact that guests will be participating in deciding the outcome of a talent show will affect them more than if they were just an observer – if a judging panel was used for example.

The devices are easy to set up and, in terms of security, come fitted with alarms that can be activated it taken out of a certain range from the base station. Essentially, a hotel can utilise audience response to make entertainment fun for all ages and keep the guests happy, which in turn will generate higher revenue for the hotel.

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