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Setting Up Your Domain

DomainBefore you can begin constructing a Web site, you need to lay a foundation by acquiring a domain name and choosing a company to host your site.

Picking a Domain Name

Picking a domain name is a small step in the creation of a Web site, but in many cases your domain name is at least as important as the name of your business. Your domain name identifies your site, and by extension, your business or organization. You actually have two choices to make in picking a domain name: You need to pick a host name, and you need to pick a top-level domain.

Picking a Host Name

Several points should be considered when picking a domain name. First of all, you want your domain name to be descriptive of your business or organization. Your first choice is your business’s name, but in some instances you might choose a domain name that’s based on your business’s purpose instead.

For example, it might be much better for a business named Vladimir Berkowitz Faucets, Inc. to select the www.greatfaucets.com domain name instead of www.vladimirberkowitzfaucets.com. Second, your domain name should be easy to remember and spell.

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