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Setting Up Your Domain Part (3)

DomainPicking a Top-Level Domain (con’t)

Nonprofit organizations should probably use the .org top-level domain, although depending on the nature of the organization you might also consider registering your domain name with a .com top-level domain. Once you’ve come up with some ideas for domain names, it’s time to check for their availability.

Because a large number of domain names are registered every day, make a list of alternative domain names in case the domain name you want is already taken. Then either go to any registrar’s Web site (Network Solutions is the original, and most expensive, registrar at http://www.networksolutions.com) or go to http://www.betterwhois.com and enter your domain name idea in the box provided.


Although most companies will naturally choose a valid domain name, there are a few restrictions on domain names to keep in mind. Domain names are case insensitive; so don’t spend time thinking about what letters to capitalize.

Also, you can use only letters and the hyphen character; but a hyphen can’t start or finish a domain name. Lastly, the domain name can be a maxi- mum of 67 characters long, not including the www. and the top-level domain (.com, .net or .org).

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