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Setting Up Your Domain Part (2)

DomainPicking a Host Name (con’t)

While a name like www.rhythm.com may be short and easy to remember, some people will have trouble spelling rhythm, potentially eliminating a large number of visitors. Perhaps something like www.beat.com would be a better choice. Third, short domain names are far preferable to long ones, although not if the name is difficult to remember.

This is particularly important since most of the desirable short domain names have already been taken. It may be tempting to abbreviate your domain name to shorten it, but do this only if the abbreviation doesn’t make the name harder to remember.

Picking a Top-Level Domain

Besides the domain name itself, you also need to choose which top-level domain to use, such as .com or .net or .org. By far the most popular top-level domain to use is .com. Since this is the top-level domain most people will look under first, we recommend that businesses look for a .com domain name. The .net domain is more appropriate for ISPs, Web hosting companies, and other Internet technologies companies.

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