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Choosing a Web Hosting Service

hostingChoosing a company to host your Web site can be a bewildering experience. With thousands of Web hosting companies, each usually offering several different hosting plans, it takes knowledge and a certain amount of patience to choose a Web hosting company.

In general, however, you want to look at which features the company offers for its price and the reliability and quality of the company’s service. The following list provides summary descriptions of the features that are often available, along with information you can use to determine which ones are relevant for your business.

· Virtual Domains/Domain Hosting. The Web hosting company you choose must support virtual domains or domain hosting if you want to be able to use your own domain name (which you do).

· FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions. If you plan on using FrontPage to create and manage your site, then you want your Web hosting company to support FrontPage Server Extensions. FrontPage Server Extensions allow you to easily publish your site without using cumbersome tools such as FTP or the Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard. They also provide server-based tools that can be indispensable when creating a Web site for an organization, such as the support for forms, discussion groups, and Web site search capability.

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