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Choosing a Web Hosting Service Part (3)

hosting· Mailing Lists, List Servers, and Majordomo. Depending on your business or organization, you may want to start an e-mail mailing list. A number of methods exist for creating mailing lists, so if you think this might be a capability you need, consider finding a Web hosting company that includes some sort of mailing list capability at little or no extra cost.

· Data Transfer Limitations. Some Web hosting companies have a limit on how much data can be transferred per month. Every time someone views a page on your site or downloads a file, that visitor is transferring data from your site. Similarly, when you upload new pages or files to your site, you’re also transferring data. If your site goes above its limit (because of lots of visitors or large file downloads), you’re charged extra.

· SSL (Security). Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a way of encrypting data that is transferred to and from a Web site, and it is typically used for Web stores that process credit card transactions. As such, it is an important feature if you plan to set up an online store.


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