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Choosing a Web Hosting Service Part (2)

hosting· Disk Space Allotment. Most businesses have small sites, and generally don’t have trouble fitting comfortably in the 25MB of Web space provided by even the most barebones Web hosting plans you might look at. If you plan on having a large number of images, audio, or video files on your site, however, disk space allotment becomes an important issue. You may want to opt for a hosting plan that offers 100MB, 200MB, or unlimited disk space.

· Database Support and Active Server Pages. If you want to use a database on your Web site and dynamically create pages based on data from the database (this is what Active Server Pages are), your Web hosting company needs to support both databases and Active Server Pages. (Setting up a database on your site is a difficult task, although it is something you could hire a consultant to do, after which your business or organization could then maintain it in-house.)

· Subdomains. Some Web hosting companies allow you to create subdomains for your Web site, such as support.yourcompany.com or events.yourcompany.com. If your company has separate divisions that want their own sites, subdomains are a cost effective solution, since you don’t have to pay additional registration fees for them.

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