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Career in Community, Why Not?

expertMany students that just graduated from college or universities still wonder what they should do after they finished their study. It is common that they search for job vacancy in newspapers, internet. Asking friends if they know that there is a job vacancy. Sometimes it takes a long time before they get the job. And sometimes the job doesn’t suit to them, and then they have to try to find another job.

In fact they need not to worry too much to get the jobs that suit them.  There is Career Centre that gives opportunity for people to wants to develop career in community & disability support sector.  Care careers are design to indentify the right person for a role quickly and cost effectively, while giving them the peace mind in knowing that they will be well informed and ready to work.

It is good if they have a good chance to be at the right place or position. It will make them can be easy in working. It is also become a good place to develop their skill. In addition, the students also have “social portfolios” that will be an additional value when they apply for job or scholarship later.

After working for years they can increase their skill, have a lot of experiences, and then they can get good position.  People have their own dream, and to reach their dream needs time. Besides working to earn money they want to be pleasure in working.  Satisfaction is one of the goals in working. There are more and more people like working in social activities. Working in social activities will give happiness and satisfactions both for the workers and people that they serviced.

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