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How Web Hosting Can Affect Your Online Business


Do you know the most important part you should consider before you leave your website run automatically? It is web hosting! How so? Read our (me and my friend) experience below, I’m sure you will understand easily: My friend, Greg and I are both internet marketer. Both of us run an online business with a […]

Choosing a Web Hosting Service Part (4)


· Technical Support. All Web hosting companies provide technical support for any problems with publishing your Web site, Web site availability, e-mail, and so forth. However, the type, quality, and availability of this support will vary. Not all companies provide toll-free technical support phone numbers; not all companies provide 24-hour, 7-day-a-week (24/7) technical support.

Choosing a Web Hosting Service Part (3)


· Mailing Lists, List Servers, and Majordomo. Depending on your business or organization, you may want to start an e-mail mailing list. A number of methods exist for creating mailing lists, so if you think this might be a capability you need, consider finding a Web hosting company that includes some sort of mailing list […]

Choosing a Web Hosting Service Part (2)


· Disk Space Allotment. Most businesses have small sites, and generally don’t have trouble fitting comfortably in the 25MB of Web space provided by even the most barebones Web hosting plans you might look at. If you plan on having a large number of images, audio, or video files on your site, however, disk space […]

Choosing a Web Hosting Service


Choosing a company to host your Web site can be a bewildering experience. With thousands of Web hosting companies, each usually offering several different hosting plans, it takes knowledge and a certain amount of patience to choose a Web hosting company.

Career in Community, Why Not?


Many students that just graduated from college or universities still wonder what they should do after they finished their study. It is common that they search for job vacancy in newspapers, internet. Asking friends if they know that there is a job vacancy. Sometimes it takes a long time before they get the job. And […]

Setting Up Your Domain Part (3)


Picking a Top-Level Domain (con’t) Nonprofit organizations should probably use the .org top-level domain, although depending on the nature of the organization you might also consider registering your domain name with a .com top-level domain. Once you’ve come up with some ideas for domain names, it’s time to check for their availability.

Secure Your Home Using RFID Reader


Today the technology always develops and develops. There are many inventions that help human being live easily and comfortable. The existence of the inventions is really useful for human beings. People who apply the useful inventions really smart people. Wealthy or rich people have big and luxurious house or apartment, condo etc. They have furnished […]

Setting Up Your Domain Part (2)


Picking a Host Name (con’t) While a name like may be short and easy to remember, some people will have trouble spelling rhythm, potentially eliminating a large number of visitors. Perhaps something like would be a better choice. Third, short domain names are far preferable to long ones, although not if the name […]

Setting Up Your Domain


Before you can begin constructing a Web site, you need to lay a foundation by acquiring a domain name and choosing a company to host your site. Picking a Domain Name Picking a domain name is a small step in the creation of a Web site, but in many cases your domain name is at […]

Which One is Better: Working in Consulting or Industry?


If you’re thinking you really aren’t cut out to be a consultant, or if you’re exploring other options, you might find this section helpful. We’ve tried to compare careers in consulting with their counterparts in industry. Although many graduates of top universities and graduate programs choose careers in the more glamorous consulting industry, most find […]